2009 State Conference

Capitol Plaza Hotel
Jefferson City, Missouri
September 18-20, 2009


The big events at this year's conference are the Saturday Night Banquet and the Sunday Luncheon.

Saturday Night Banquet

How about dinner, entertainment by a 26 piece orchestra and a humorous presentation by one of America's more notorious gardeners?

"10 Gardening and Landscaping Blunders - And How to Avoid Them"

Don Engebretson

The Renegade Gardener

Sure, gardening is fun, soothing, enriching and all of that, but don’t always believe it when you see a landscaping project described as “easy,” or a plant touted as “foolproof.” Fact is, gardening is a lifelong learning process that involves more than a little guesswork, serendipity, and experimentation. Down the road, every gardener is sure to discover that startling success sometimes goes hand-in-hand with staggering failure.

Don Engebretson, The Renegade Gardener, wants to help gardeners severely limit the “staggering failure” part of the equation, and does so in his presentation, “Top 10 Gardening & Landscaping Blunders—and How to Avoid Them.”

Don’s list is a like a bestseller list, with mistakes dropping off while new ones are added, reflecting the continued growth of gardening as American’s number one leisure time activity. To make his list, three important criteria apply: First, it must be a common mistake, as common as crabgrass. Second, the blunder must impart a truly gruesome effect on one’s landscape. Third, and most important, it must be a blunder that Don has made—at least twice—during his 20+ years as a gardener!

With a strong emphasis on design do’s and don’ts, audiences leave the presentation with a firm understanding of how to create a functional, beautiful landscape.

Sunday Luncheon

Enjoy a wonderful lunch and Don's presentation:

"Crafting Cool and Creative Containers"

Don Engebretson

The Renegade Gardener

Garden containers filled with colorful annuals, perennials, and even small trees and shrubs are essential accessories to home landscapes. Renegade Gardener Don Engebretson calls containers “the throw pillows of exterior design,” and encourages gardeners to think outside the box when it comes to not only the materials used in arrangements, but in their placement and use.

In this visual slide and hands-on demonstration, Don will teach viewers how to use containers as singles and in groups, demonstrate the design secrets to creating artistic, long-lasting container arrangements, and share his tips on creative ways to use containers throughout the landscape. Five dozen blooming annuals, perennials, and specialty grasses grown especially for Don’s presentations will be flown in to your event by Proven Winners nursery, creators of the number one selling plant brand in America.

Join us for these entertaining and enlightening programs!